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How to Spoof GPS Location in Pokemon Go without Getting Banned

Pokemon Go Location hack without Getting banned

Pokemon Go has region specific characters which you may never get a chance to see. You can spoof your GPS location to make augmented reality game think that you’re at different spot on the map. But Niantic has detected this location spoof hack and some users have been soft banned for few hours after trying it. Pokemon Go now knows when you’ve enabled mock locations in Android’s developer options menu. So if you want to cheat Pokemoin Go location, you need to hide this setting from the game.

To do so, fortunately, there is a handy Xposed Module from developer Brandon Nalls and it’s obvious that you’ll need root access to install Xposed. Using this module you can safely change your location without even leaving your house. So let’s get started,

Now Before you proceed, make sure you have following requirements fullfilled,

1. Rooted Android Device
2. Xposed Framework Installed
3. Developer Options Enabled
4. Unknown Sources Enabled
5. Android 5.0 or higher

So basically this Xposed module prevents apps from being able to to tell when you have mock location enabled. So let’s head to the download section in Xposed Installer App and search Mock Mock Locations. Now tap on it and swipe over to versions tab, then hit download button of most recent version. Now, tap Install and then hit Activate Module and Reboot

Now once Module is activated, head over to settings and tap on Location Menu. Now select Mode option and set it to device only. This will prevent your Android device using other location sources like Wifi and cellular networks. So now Pokemon Go will only see the spoofed GPS location.

If your device is running Android Marshmallow or higher, Go back to Location Menu and Tap these Three dot menu button and choose scanning. Now from here disable both options to make sure your device doesn’t use any other sources to determine your location.

Finally, Head over to the Playstore and install GPS Spoofing APP, links are in the description below. This app will be used to spoof GPS location without worrying about getting banned. You can now change your GPS location and catch Pokemon from all over the world. Just to be on safe side, make sure you clear Pokemon Go app from recent apps and start the Game again.

Please note that the Game can theoretically see and detect that you’re moving around faster than Humanly possible and this can lead to softy ban. So it’s recommended that you don’t change your location Too much in One Shot. Use GPS Spoofing app to move only a few miles at a time and stay safe.

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