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Soul Carnival (Japan) APK + ISO PSP Download For Free

Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan) is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan) Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page.


Game Description – Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan):

Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

Bleach: Soul Carnival (BLEACH: ソゥル・カーニバル, BLEACH:souru kānibaru) is the first of two installments of the Soul Carnival Series. It was released on October 23, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable system. This game has only been released in Japan.

Sony is straying from their Bleach: Heat the Soul series with Bleach: Soul Carnival. Racjin didn’t make another versus fighting game. Bleach: Soul Carnival is a Double Dragon style beat em up with super deformed Rukia and company. Instead of fighting each other you’re going to wallop weak hollows and wild boars. In one mission Ganju’s boars are acting up and at the end of the level you face him as a boss.

I chose Ichigo for that mission since he can leap in the air and throw heaven piercing energy waves to hit the boars before they head butt him, but you don’t have to play the entire game as Ichigo. Bleach: Soul Carnival lets you choose a variety of cutesy looking characters to play as like: Rukia, Uryu, Chad, Renji, Toushiro, and if you want to spend the time to unlock them villains like Grimmjow and Sosuke. You can throw even more characters in the mix by picking three support attacks. Each move is mapped to triangle, up+triangle or down+ triangle. Ichigo can partner with Akon, Kon, and Momo if you desire. The number of characters Racjin crammed into Bleach: Soul Carnival is impressive and Bleach fans will appreciate making mortal enemies support allies in the game by carefully choosing soul pieces.

This game features more than 10 stages and the player must proceed to the final stage and fight Sōsuke Aizen. Bonus stages and extra characters can also be unlocked. The game takes place between Ichigo’s training and the Hueco Mundo arc. All characters appear in a super deformed version of themselves. A sequel for this game has been released.

Download – Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan) for free

Download Bleach – Soul Carnival (Japan).iso

How to Install:

1.) Download PPSSPP.apk 2.) Then download PSP(PPSSPP) rom. 3.) Run PPSSPP app and select your Tekken 6 rom. 4.) Play and enjoy the game.


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