How to Get Unlimited Troops in Clash Of Clans

Many people ask this question how they can attack with unlimited troops in clash of clans like many clash of clans developer videos on YouTube. It was not possible last year but now it’s pretty much possible for root and jailbreak iPhone users they can do most of the trick they want to do in clash of clan like attack offline on War base or any friend base.

Unlimited coc

The procedure is very simple hope you have used cheat engine on PC games to increase health, bullets and money. The same thing we will follow in this trick we just need our device should be rooted/jailbreak and two third party apps let’s do it in step by step so it will be easy to understand.

1. Rooted / jailbreak device
2. Install the app called XmodGames
3. Install another app called Game killer
4. You should have train at least 3 Troops which you want to use for unlimited troops attack.

Steps to attack with unlimited troops in CoC

    • Now open XmodGames
    • Then Install the mod for Clash of clans in XmodGames (if you have already install the mod skip this step).
    • Now launch the game from XmodGames
    • When your village load click the (X) icon
    • Turn ON Sandbox Attack
xmodgames open
    • Now minimize the game and open Gamekiller
open xmodgames
    • Now maximize the game now you will see another icon of Gamekiller
launch coc with xmodgames
    • Now Visit any base where you want to attack with unlimited troops
visit base
    • You will see the base on attack mode now click on Gamekiller icon and type the amount of troops you have (in my case I have 12 giants) and hit search.
coc giants unlimited giants
    • Select DWORD and comeback to game.
gamekiller dword
    • Now decrease the amount of troop by drooping one and then again click on GameKiller and type the number of troops (for example now i have 11 giants so I will type 11).
gamekiller type
    • Once again you have to repeat this process by drooping troop one more time and type the amount troops you have (like i have now 10 giants so i type 10)
gamekiller type
    • Finally now we can see less results to deal with (you can repeat same process one more time to filter more result and get less result to work on if you have not get less result) it is the amount address of this troop. Click on last one and change the value to anything you want like 1000 to 1000000.
unlimited gamekiller troops
    • That’s it now you have unlimited troops for your attack.
unlimited coc troops
For first time it might take 2 minutes to do these steps for you because you’re learning but after you get the idea how it works you can do it in 10 seconds and you have 2.90 minutes to enjoy the attack with unlimited troops. I really tried to make it as simple as I can but if you have any problem you can comment below and I will solve your problems.
Note: Let me clear few things these kind of attack will not be count and will not affect your game but you can have some fun attacking top bases, war bases or friend’s bases on clash of clan and capture the video/screen for fun. After the attack finish game will close and you have to restart again and if you want to attack again you can follow the same procedure you can apply this trick on any troops or spell just make sure you make it at least 3 to perform 3 searching steps.

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