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Capcom Puzzle World APK + ISO PSP Download For Free

Capcom Puzzle World is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Capcom Puzzle World Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page.


Game Description – Capcom Puzzle World:

Capcom Puzzle World is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Capcom Puzzle World is a compilation of puzzle games created by Capcom for the Sony PSP. It was released on February 6, 2007 in the United States and July 13, 2007 in Europe. The game was primarily developed due to the cult classic status of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

“Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo makes this game worth the purchase alone” will likely become the popular mantra for diehard fans of the classic coin-op. After all, the star attraction of Capcom Puzzle World is certainly one of the most addictive non-Tetris brainteasers around. Even now, ten years after it first hit arcades, the CPS2 puzzler is still compelling (particularly when equipped with additional features that we didn’t get the first time). But as good as Puzzle Fighter may be, the ultimate question still remains: “is it really good enough to pay thirty bucks for eons later?” All things considered, the answer is a definite “Not so much.”

In truth, Capcom Puzzle World would have been better suited as a component in the company’s solid “Classics Collection” instead of a stand alone game… especially since they run for the same price and you get a whole lot more for your money in the latter (five titles versus 20 is a no-brainer). Sure Super Puzzle Fighter II is brilliant — it’s an interesting take on the Tetris/ Columns formula that requires users to combine gems that can then only be broken with similarly-colored power jewels — but the rest of this anthology isn’t as interesting.

But before we get into the short end of the analog stick, let me just say that there aren’t enough good things that can be said about Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Using the gameplay methods described above, it allows players to use their favorite Darkstalkers and Street Fighter avatars to perform special moves as you succeed. More importantly, though, a strong performance actually triggers roadblock gems to appear on your opponent’s screen, thereby making the action more hectic and more strategic than your typical block-based puzzler. Each fighter has their own unique gem-attack pattern too, and this means that character selection is actually important.

As an added bonus, the Puzzle World version of SPF2 also includes a couple of ways to play. X Mode (the method already mentioned), Y Mode (three or more gems clear a space while a “change gem” can be charged for chain attacks), and Z Mode (identical to X, only gems are fed from the bottom up) all offer unique ways to experience the game, and all of them are undeniably fun. Ad hoc multiplayer, secret characters, a personalized Gem Attack Edit feature, and the ability to take your own screenshots (for safe keeping on the memory stick) round the package out.

Download – Capcom Puzzle World for free

How to Install:

1.) Download PPSSPP.apk 2.) Then download PSP(PPSSPP) rom. 3.) Run PPSSPP app and select your Tekken 6 rom. 4.) Play and enjoy the game.


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