How to Download File from in India (Fix Problem)

Unblock Adfly in India and fix games links

as you know adfly is blocked in india. I dont know why its blocked. bkoz i am from Pakistan :D.
Due to this problem many visitors of this website having problem to download games. so after searching.
i got the slution for adfly. how to fix adfly problem.
How to fix adfly links and how to download Android Games
There is just 2 simple steps.. please follow it..


Given Link
I also Have Given Links in My Blog ‘Like in Games, Apps, Etc
So u can also Download them Like That As i Have Told u Before (Unblock Adfly in India and fix games links)

just change the adfly link as this

A Link before Changing:

Link After Changing:
you see i just add S after http.
SO that is slution to open adfly links in india and a slution to download android games on mobile on pc


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