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Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page.



Game Description – Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake:

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

Fat Princess is an action real-time strategy video game for the PlayStation 3, developed by Titan Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in North America and Europe on July 30, 2009,[1] and in Japan on December 25, 2009. It was included on the “Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1″ compilation disc, released June 18, 2013.[2] A PSP version called Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake was released in 2010.

Fat Princess is a multiplayer game for up to 32 players, with the basic goal of rescuing the Princess and bringing her back to the team’s base. The players pick up and carry cakes to feed the Princess, which makes her heavier and harder for the enemy to carry back to their own castle. The game contains six character classes (Villager, Worker, Priest, Ranger, Mage, and Warrior) and three downloadable classes (Pirate, Ninja and Giant) each of which contributes to the team’s task of capturing the princess in a unique way.

A sequel, titled Fat Princess Adventures, was released in December 2015 for PlayStation 4.

An email sent by PlayStation indicating online features for Fat Princess: Piece of Cake will be discontinued on 1 January 2017 at 19:00 AEDT.

From that point you will no longer be able to:

• Spend any earned or purchased gold on in-game items.

• Earn access to a pack of 30 gold coins for escorting your princess past Level 15.

In-game purchases have also now been disabled.

Download – Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for free

Download Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake.iso

How to Install:

1.) Download PPSSPP.apk 2.) Then download PSP(PPSSPP) rom. 3.) Run PPSSPP app and select your Tekken 6 rom. 4.) Play and enjoy the game.


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