Download Age of Hammer Wars PSP ISO for PPSSPP Android

Age Of Hammer Wars PSP ISO for PPSSPP Android

Age Of Hammer Wars PSP ISO for PPSSPP Android

Age of Hammer Wars PSP Description

This game is a unique mixture of action, RPG and simulator. Player finds himself in the world, where the air is ruled by hovering vehicles – one of which he takes under control. According to a plot, player have to fight his way through the numerous combats with monsters and accomplish different missions. During the headway to the the heart of the fairy kingdom , player’s hovering vehicle gets new weapon, armor and other useful power-ups.

Hammer Wars features battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry. A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rides to the movements of the analog stick. As you wave it, your rider swings his sledgehammer, smashing the foe into walls. With this unique control scheme, you get the experience of a real strike — the feel of the mass of the weapon in your hands!

Age of Hammer Wars PSP
Release Date: Oct 19, 2010
Publisher: iSquared Games
Developer: Dynamic Systems
Genre: Flight / Combat / Simulation
Download  |  USA  |  ISO  |  1part  |  35mb

PSP Game Download Age of Hammer Wars PSP

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  • Download PPSSPP.apk
  • Then download Hive Sweeper PPSSPP/PSP ISO.
  • Run PPSSPP app and select your Hive Sweeper ROM.
  • Play and enjoy the game.

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