Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ISO for Android and iOS PPSSPP

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is one of the most well written and voice acted game in the Final Fantasy series.You will be put in the shoes of a SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack Fair who aims to become a hero. The gameplay is drastically different from most Final Fantasy games because the action style battles with old FFVII materia based skill system and a new feature called DMW (Digital Mind Wave).Crisis Core final Fantasy 7 ISo for PPSSPP iOS and Android

It is about 50+ hours long if you do all the missions but only about 15-25 if you go only through the story and some side missions. Most of the side missions are repetitive (It’s literally defeat all the enemies in the area type of mission) but challenging in later ones like the simulation version of Zack (old and new versions) and the goddess Minerva.


Taking place several years before the original one, Midgar and other places are considerably different (ie. Nibelheim). We will also see cameos of comrades and enemies from Final Fantasy VII.

The story of the game is one of the most enjoyable yet sad plots yet. We meet Zack Fair, SOLDIER 2nd Class at the start of the story, a lighthearted, happy-go lucky man. Through his missions we meet old faces like Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith and new ones who are Angeal and Genesis. We uncover secrets and make relationship with these characters (especially with Aerith and Cloud) which leads to a sad but fulfilling ending with the theme of “Legacy”.

Soundtrack makes the game immersive because there is a musical score that ties a scene or encounter together with top notch voice acting.

This is a PSP classic that mixes action with a great battle system that ties an amazing story in the fray.

A new world is waiting!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PPSSPP ISO for Android and iPhone/iPad

Release Date: March 25, 2008
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: Action
Download  |  ISO  |  1part  |  944mb

PSP Games Download Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP




  • Download PPSSPP.apk or install directly from PlayStore.
  • Then download Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PPSSPP/PSP ISO.
  • Run PPSSPP app and select your Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ROM.
  • Play and enjoy the game.

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