Convert Android Games to PC Games


  • Download ES File explorer for your sony ericsson xperia play
  • Download and install Java Runtime Enviroment
  • PSXperia from Yifanlu

How took source from xperia Play

  1. Open ES File Xplorer in your xperia play
  2. Find APK and DATA from Crashbandicot game
    • APK file can be found at /system/app
    • Data Files can be found at /SDcard/Android/Data/
  3. Copy the file from internal memory to SDcard
    • APK file :
    • Data files :
  4. Copy the files from SDcard to your PC/Laptop

Convert ISO or IMG to APK

  1. Run PSXperiaTool.jar
  2. At information tab, Check all option
  3. At Extract tab,

    • APK field : give the path to Crashbandicot apk (
    • ZPAK field : give the path to Crashbandicot data (
    • Output field : a folder inside your PC/Laptop
  4. Click extract (and wait for a while ..)
  5. After extract process is done, goes to convert tab
  6. At convert tab,


    • Extracted Data : path to folder output in extract tab
    • ISO input : ISO or IMG from PSX game that you want to convert
    • Output directory : a folder inside your PC/Laptop
    • Name : Game title
    • Title ID: up to you but remember don`t change the format
    • Change ICon : Image with PNG format, 200px x 200px
  7. Click Convert (this step need a lot of time)
  8. When the convert process is done the result will look like this

  9. Copy the result APK to your SDcard
  10. Copy the ZPAK folder to SDcard /Android/Data
  11. Now From xperia play, using ES File Explorer open the APK
  12. automatically The new game will install to “Playstation Pocket” in your xperia play

note: some game may not convert with properly, and get crash at middle of the game.

Download Support File

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