Canonical releases Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

Canonical’s Ubuntu and Android dual boot Edge smartphone might not have seen light of the day but the company wants to make dual-boot a reality for Nexus device users (Nexus 4 primarily).Canonical releases Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

As per a blog post on Ubuntu Developer Blog, the company is today introducing Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview, using which Ubuntu can now run alongside Android on a single device. Currently only meant for the developers, as is suggested by the name, this preview is now available and the details about it can be found here.


Canonical notes that this developer preview not only supports the stock Android installation but also aftermarket firmwares from CyanogenMod or other AOSP custom ROMs. After the installation, users will be able to switch between operating systems using the dual-boot app, which will be present on both Ubuntu and Android installations.

“With dual boot, switching between OSs had never been easier. No more key combinations or command line interfaces to jump into the next OS: on each side, an app with a simple user interface will enable you to boot back and forth at the tap of a button,” David Planella of Canonical writes in the blog post.

The installation process is fairly straight-forward but you will need a computer with Ubuntu on-board. Check out the whole process here.

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