Adding PSP DLC to your PSP and PPSSPP emulator

In this tutorial you will learn how to properly install PSP DLC (Downloadable content) on your Sony PSP and PPSSPP emulator.

Adding PSP DLC to your PSP:

This is how to use DLC on a PSP. I’ve tested this on a PSP 3004 with CFW 6.60 PRO-C if you have a different firmware and this doesn’t work you are advised to update.
DLC folders are named after the ID of the game, inside that folder there should be many files like: PARAM.PBP, .edat, .sprx, etc.

  • Connect your PSP to the PC with a USB cable. Take the DLC folder for example: “ULUS10461” and copy it to your memory stick on the PSP/GAME/ folder. Double check that the DLC files are where they should be:

X:\PSP\GAME\*DLC Folder goes here*

  • Leave USB mode and press select to bring up the VSH menu and select “Recovery Menu”
  • Then Select “Advanced”
  • Change “NoDRM” to Enabled by pressing the left or right on the D-PAD
  • Be careful not to press X else you will change it back to disabled, so press circle two times instead to leave that menu.
  • Now press select again and choose “Reset VSH” to apply the changes:

While the DLC will show up on the game menu as if it was a game, it is not. To use the DLC you have to run the game like you would normally do (not he DLC) just leave it there.

Adding PSP DLC PPSSPP emulator:

To enable the LDC on PPSSPP emulator you only need to copy it to the correct location, there are 2 possible locations depending of what version of PPSSPP downloaded:

If you downloaded the installer then you should copy the DLC folder to “My Documents” -> “PPSSPP” ->”PSP ->”GAME”

C:\Users\your_user\Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\GAME\*DLCFolder goes here*

On the other hand if you are using Development builds from github After extracting and running the emulator it will create a “memstick” folder and inside of it a “PSP” folder. What you have to do is create a new folder inside the PSP folder, name it “GAME” and copy the DLC folder inside of it, like this:
…\ppsspp\memstick\PSP\GAME\*DLC Folder goes here*

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